WARM moves in the direction towards a Green Light Pantry!

Green Light Pantry Project is nutritional suggestions or "nudges" based on behavioral economics. Numerous studies have been published applying the behavior economics  theory to health-food choice behaviors in hopes to enhance healthy choices for consumers. 

Behavioral economics is defined as the study of social, cognitive, and emotional factors to understand and influence the economic decisions or purchasing behaviors of individuals or groups. It incorporates psychology, economics, and marketing to subconsciously "nudge" a consumer to make the healthier choice. 

"Nudges" are environmental cues that subconsciously guide a consumer towards one product over another. This can be accomplished by: signage, colors, packaging, product placement, displays. Our goal is to "nudge" the healthier foods so the client makes the right choice, without having to restrict the options themselves. WARM has the potential to make a difference in the health and quality of life of its clients. 

A few ways the pantry has accomplished this transition:

  • Food Pantry Shopping Flow
  • Product Placement 
  • Signs
  • Food Samples
  • Visual Appeal
  • Product Abundance/Variety 
  • Food and Meal Displays 
  • Nutritional Notes, Education and Resources.