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WARM has impacted my life immensely. I was hesitant to ask for help at first, I’m 68 years old and never have I asked for help. I cleaned houses for 34 years to make ends meet for my family. Now I can see that the good Lord led me to WARM to be cherished and uplifted. I appreciate all WARM continues to do for me, they have helped me become a better version of myself.
— Marilyn
When I was really down and felt alone WARM was there for me. I feel physically, mentally and emotionally touched by WARM and the friendships I have cultivated there. God has been so good to me, the selfless people at WARM have changed my life forever. I came to this country knowing no one but here I have found my best friends. My kids are excelling in their school work and I am able to focus on the little things in life that matter most. My heart is full.
— Ava
When I retired, I never dreamed I would go to a food bank for help. I swallowed hard and finally went after months of struggling to pay bills and buy food. When I went to WARM I was surprised by the counselors, they did not bring me down but instead offered me help.

All of the counselors are very professional and that includes the lovely volunteers who work in the pantry. To be honest, I feel better when I leave WARM. WARM is a very professional organization and I do hope one day I can repay you all for all your advice and kindness
— Patsy
Jeff was hit by a car at the age of 6, causing him to need a hip replacement at that young age. Now, at 56 years old, and amazingly still with the same artificial hip, he is in severe pain with arthritis surrounding the hip joint. Unable to bend down to put on his own sock on his left side, he has had to rely on a neighbor to assist him. This a service which he finds embarrassing and humiliating, as he sometimes even has to ask the neighbor to trim his toenails. Often he opts to sleep with his socks on, rather than ask his neighbor to come over the next morning. While a new hip seems to be on the horizon for him, he is in great pain. He keeps his spirits up and keeps us laughing each time we see him; but behind closed doors, the physical pain and the embarrassment about his dependence on others brings him to tears. During a recent appointment with Jeff at WARM, we were able to surprise him with two gifts: a sock aid device to help him pull on his socks and a wheeled walker with a seat to help him be more mobile at home. This brought incredible joy to Jeff. Receiving these gifts and taking in what he just had received, he was brought to tears. He grabbed my hands and said, “Let’s pray right now to thank God for what He has provided.” It was a joyful moment for us both.
— Jeff's Story Told by Julia, WARM life coach
I just love the people at WARM, they take such good care of my wife and I, we recently celebrated 68 years of marriage together. She takes care of me and I take care of her. Having fresh, healthy food from the pantry has been very helpful. I look forward to all of my appointments, the joy I feel when I come to WARM is contagious. I can’t speak highly enough of this organization
— Carlton